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Meet the TFPIndia Team



Meet Anita —

Anita Kanaiya is a passionate advocate for the poor and oppressed women and children in India, and a fighter for justice. Passionate about seeing an India that is empowered and skilled, she speaks and trains regularly around the world for the empowerment of Indian women and youth, and in support of community transformation through sport.

With over twenty years in leadership and organisational management, Anita Kanaiya has been instrumental in initiating and providing leadership in Bangalore for missing and exploited people with the research and outreach in identifying women and children who are, or could be, victims of trafficking, networking with Indian government agencies to ensure the safety of rescued victims, and mobilizing various resources to assist trafficked people.


Our Values


We believe that all people regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, caste or socio-economic background are created equal. All people deserve to be loved, cared for and treated with respect.


We believe serving others is what we are called to do, and in doing so we demonstrate the value and worth we place on every person that walks through our door.


We are committed to always being kind, understanding and willing to share the best with a heart of generosity.


Every individual matters. Working together to build each other up and put the other ahead of ourselves is central to who we are. We prioritize building lasting relationships.


What we do is never easy and there is often a risk involved. We value the courage it takes to face difficult situations and stand up for what is just and right.


We actively explore and encourage new ideas, creative thinking and methods different from expected patterns of conformity.


We are passionate about doing all things to the best of our abilities and encourage others around us to do the same in order to achieve quality and high standards.


TFPI Beliefs


We believe in and value freedom and equality as basic human rights. Those trapped in poverty and exploitative situations have been denied these rights at the hands of their oppressors and we are committed to restoring these gifts and enabling precious lives to be lived to their full potential and purpose.


We believe that the fight against poverty and injustice needs to be a collaborative effort. We are ineffective on our own and must build a community of people and strong partnerships to make a significant impact. We value the many and varied skills, gifts and talents that people have and believe that unity, co-operation and partnering together for a common purpose is powerful and effective.


We hold justice and mercy in the highest regard. We recognize the need for a balance of both to bring hope to a hurting, broken world. We are committed to seeing the cycle of poverty broken, the enslaved set free, the oppressed delivered, the perpetrators brought to justice and justice and mercy prevail.

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