Our Reason: Gender-based violence and discrimination has undermined the safety, health, dignity, and autonomy of its victims, who are predominantly women, since time immemorial. Yet it remains shrouded in a culture of shame and silence.

Women from economically disadvantaged and marginalised communities have always faced a higher risk of exploitation. Restricted from equal access to education, training and employment opportunities, young girls are left unqualified to build a future for themselves and ultimately more vulnerable to exploitation.

The COVID19 pandemic compounded the burden faced by economically disadvantaged communities, but unwed mothers have faced the brunt of these hardships. Without support they battle discrimination, harassment and abuse while trying to make ends meet in caring for their young ones and for themselves.


It is this unjust situation that The Freedom Project India seeks to intervene into, with RESTORATION, HOPE AND EMPOWERMENT for women survivors to slowly recover from their past trauma and regain control of their own narratives.
What if EVERY WOMAN had the choice and the opportunity to acquire an education leading to exploitation-free, sustainable employment?

Through ‘Azadi’, TFPIndia’s government licensed safe house, women survivors are supported in their mental, emotional and physical recovery and trained to become independent to one day confidently reintegrate back into society.

To advance their empowerment, TFPI has launched The Heart of Wholesome

— a social enterprise set up as a women’s cooperative that trains and empowers women survivors to gain employment or become entrepreneurs.

Our Projects

Hearty Wholesome Bakery

The ‘Hearty Wholesome Bakery’ is an initiative aimed at training women in the art of baking in order to create locally manufactured, healthy and delicious baked goods such as fortified breads, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, marmalades and more.

With support from a group of skilled home bakers, women who typically come from backgrounds with little to no access to training are taken through a baking training programme after which they are offered a full-time position in the bakery where they can continue learning while earning.

Wholesomelocal and organically sourced ingredients are a cornerstone of the baking programme so that healthy and nutritious eating is promoted within the community.

Heart of Wholesome Organic and Wellness Products

The ‘Heart of Wholesome Organic and Wellness Products’ is TFPI’s women empowerment and employment initiative that teaches women survivors how to create quality homemade wellness products such as home-made soaps, body-butters and lip balms.

The products utilize locally-sourced, organic and natural ingredients such as aloe vera, sandalwood, oats, fruit and flower extracts, turmeric and essential oils among other natural ingredients that are hypo-allergenic and nourishing to the skin, instead of harmful preservatives and parabens.

The Heart of Wholesome is all about